A mural is any piece of graphic artwork that is painted or applied directly to a wall, ceiling or other permanent substrate. Mural techniques include fresco, mosaic, graffiti and marouflage.

A fresco is a wall or ceiling painting in which the water-based paint is applied directly to moist lime plaster, so that it forms a single whole after it has dried. The advantage of frescoes is that the pigments, which are absorbed by the lime layer, are very durable. The disadvantage is that later corrections are not possible.

Trompe-l'œil, French for 'deceive the eye' is an artistic term for the highly realistic optical illusion of three-dimensional space and objects on a two-dimensional surface. It is most often associated with painting and tricks the viewer into perceiving painted objects or spaces as real.

Huge multicolor mural at the side wall of the library of Blanes in Spain by graffiti artist @saturnoart (Miguel Angel Sanchez) from Malgrat de Mar.

Exotic wall art for the Blanes Urban Fest in October 2023 at the Passeig de Catalunya in Blanes by graffity artist @bublegumsr (Tirso Paz Sans) from Barcelona.

Two matching murals by Belgian artist Sozyone Gonzalez on the lateral gables of two buildings on the "Quai de la Boverie" in Liège (Luik) along the river Meuse. The title of this art piece is "l'Homme de la Meuse". It is the first monumental fresco "diptyque" completed on 1.200 m² in Liège. It was inaugurated on September 16, 2019.

Beautiful multicolored mural at the corner Ohmstraat / Kromhoutstraat in the coastal town IJmuiden in the Netherlands. This street art is a collaboration of the Flemish artist Smates (Bart Smeets) and Amsterdam Street Art for the "Kantje Pikken" project.

Xolaka’s intervention in the third edition of the Camden Bló, Benicarló Urban Art Festival 2019, in Valencia.

Benicarló, Valencia, Spain

Benicarló, Valencia, Spain

Diosa Niké by artist and graphic designer Kraser from Cartagena. Mural at Plaça Major in Sagunto, Valencia, Spain

Dali at a rolling shutter on the corner of Calle Luisa Aledo in Murcia, Spain

Huge mural by Spanish artist Lula Goce in Murcia, Calle Santa Catalina/Gran Via Francisco Salzillo.

Coronation of Isabel "la Católica" (1451-1504) Queen of Castilla y Léon and Queen consort of Aragon. Fresco by artist Carlos Muños de Pablos in the Gallery Hall of the Alcázar in Segovia, Spain

São Bento of Porto is the most beautiful railway station in Portugal with some 20.000 painted azulejos (tiles) depicting scenes of Portuguese history

Mural by graffiti and tattoo artist Nark in Vendo do Pinheiro, Portugal

Mural by artist Diego in  San Esteban de Gormaz, Soria, Spain

Mural and rice field in El Palmar known as the origin of Paella, near the Albufera National Park in Valencia

Monumental mural painting around the corner of 2 Av. Arthur Mallot in Carcassonne, dept. Aude, France by Cité Creation

Trompe l’oeil depicting the revolt of the winemakers in 1907 in Béziers at the department of Hérault, France by Patrick Commecy and his team from A-Fresco, based near Lyon.

Café Le Flor, Vincent Ducaroy has painted here a superb trompe-l'oeil, about 50 meters long, on the Place de la République of the town of Florensac in France. Completion date: April 2017.

A faux neighborhood (located in Vieux Agde) Agde, dept. Hérault, France

Café wall art at Puichéric, dept. Aude, France

The largest trompe l'oeil in the Maresme with an area of 700 m2. Made by the Urban Artist Bre Barcelona for the Calella City Council, located at the Plaça del Mercat. It represents the architecture of the old houses of Calella and the best-known shops on Calle Sant Joan.

Collab by Spanish artist Xolaka + De tripas Aerosol in Dénia, Valencia, Spain